Sisley Sisleya L’Integral Anti-Age 50ml

HK$2,850 HK$3,390

Studies have confirmed that the rapid pace of life, stress, and poor lifestyle (behavioral aging) affect the growth of skin cells, and the signs of skin aging are more obvious than genetic.




In addition to repairing genes and external environmental factors, Sisleÿa L'Intégral Rejuvenating Rejuvenating Cream also aims to improve the signs of skin aging caused by behavioral aging, repelling signs of aging in all directions.


The formula contains a variety of highly effective active ingredients to provide an ideal ecological environment for cells. Phytoestrogens, Leitli and Chrysanthemum morifolium extracts can effectively promote cell regeneration and firm skin; Ursolic acid, integrated trace elements and white willow leaf extracts, etc., help stimulate collagen synthesis and further restructure cell structure. Three active ingredients are added to the formula to effectively optimize cell life cycle, improve cell rhythm, energy and life span, and repel signs of behavioral aging in all directions.

Cell rhythm: Geranium extract helps reorganize biological rhythm* at the cellular level, promote cell activity and metabolism, and restore youthful skin. Cellular energy: Persian Acacia provides energy synthesis* of glandular cells, protects cells, and repairs damaged and tired cells. Cell lifespan: Yeast and soybean protein complex effectively protects telomeres* (present in every chromosome, its length affects DNA integrity and cell division cycle.) At the same time, it helps preserve the integrity of cell DNA and resist signs of behavioral aging , Maintain cell life.


Day after day, wrinkles are significantly reduced, skin regains smoothness and firmness, elasticity and gloss are improved, sagging problems are significantly improved, and skin is youthful and radiant.