Helena Rubinstein

Helena Rubinstein Powercell Night Rescue Cream-In-Mousse 50ml

HK$1,320 HK$1,790
During the night, the skin activates youth-promoting mechanisms that repair any damage sustained during the day and rebuild its hydrolipidic film. The skin's microcirculation is at its peak, meaning the active ingredients in cosmetic products can easily soak in.

The HELENA RUBINSTEIN laboratories have developed a new, customised arm to continuously reinforce the skin during the night: POWERCELL NIGHT RESCUE, a night cream that limits the effects of cutaneous ageing.

- The native botanical cells work throughout the night to limit the impacts of cutaneous ageing. They stimulate the skin's revitalisation, reinforcing its barrier functions and preparing it for the stress of the next day.

RESULTS: In the morning, the skin is replenished, plumped and toned. It appears smoother, younger and stronger.