FANCL Whitening Essence 18ml

HK$290 HK$335
Packing Spec :18ml
Country of Origin :Japan

Brightening Essence uses cherry blossom leaf extract to directly target pigment cells,
Repel the problem of melanin precipitation, cooperate with activating vitamin Cα,
Highly anti-oxidant, it continuously fades dark spots and leaves your skin with a natural rosy finish.
It can also repair the collagen at the bottom of the muscle.
Intercept melanin from the source, combat pigmentation and dullness in all directions,
The skin regains its tenderness, translucency and brightness like spring cherry blossoms.

●Sakura leaf extract directly targets pigment cells

●Repel melanin deposition problem

●High anti-oxidant continuously fades dark spots

●Repair muscle collagen