FANCL White Force Drink (30ml x10)

HK$300 HK$420
It is suitable for people whose skin melanin starts to deposit and spots appear, focusing on repairing the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation. The new formula contains olive leaf extract and L-cystine, which can be quickly absorbed by the body, accelerate the diminishment of melanin and pigment spots, further enhance the whitening effect, and make the skin bright and even.

The liquid is the easiest to absorb and is convenient to carry when going out. It is suitable for people who are susceptible to ultraviolet light and have darker, uneven and pigmented skin as a whitening nutritional supplement to enhance the translucent skin of the whole body.

Artichoke extract helps prevent the formation of stains, contains olive leaf extract and L-cystine and other whitening nutrients, which can be quickly absorbed by the body

New formula-enhance whitening effect: enzyme-modified hesperidin (a type of vitamin P) can promote the circulation and absorption of whitening nutrients in the body, and enhance the reduction and whitening effect

Remove free radicals, repair skin affected by ultraviolet light, accelerate the fade of melanin
With daily sun protection and anti-freckle brightening skin care series, it can make the whitening effect more obvious

One drink a day, it is recommended to drink between two meals. The beauty ingredients will easily reduce the effectiveness when heated. Therefore, it is recommended to have a certain time away from each meal, at least about an hour.

Avoid taking it for pregnant women and breastfeeding women
Rash, gastrointestinal discomfort may occur, please stop eating immediately