FANCL TSUYA GOROMO Vital Volume Treatment 250g

HK$270 HK$298
Asian people's hair is more fragile than that of Westerners. If you want to take good care of your hair, you have to choose shampoo and treatment products especially designed for Asians! “Vital Volume Treatment” contains nourishing content extracted from various traditional Japanese hair care ingredients such as kombu, pearl and lotus. This formula can deeply repair damaged hair and nourish both your hair and scalp. The treatment is especially infused with “Sunflower Seed Oil” and “Orange Fruit Extract” to deeply repair and nourish the surface of your hair, making it silky smooth and extraordinarily luminous. Suitable for any hair type, especially hair which are damaged due to frequent perming, dyeing, swimming, etc.

Benefit : “Kagome Kombu Extract” and “Pearl Protein Extract” can help nourish your scalp and damaged hair as well as retain moisture in them. The “Lotus Germ Extract” in the formula also carries cell revitalizing power, which can enhance the conditions of your scalp and hair. “Sunflower Seed Oil” and “Orange Fruit Extract” can wrap the surface of your hair, improve fizziness, and moisturize every strand of your hair, allowing it to exude a smooth and soft shine.

Ingredient : Active Key Ingredients: Kagome Kombu Extract, Pearl Protein Extract, Lotus Germ Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Sunflower Seed Oil
How to Use : Remove excess moisture after washing hair, then apply the treatment evenly throughout. Rinse after use. (For damaged hair, leave treatment on for a period of time for maximum repair.)