Estee Lauder

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Youth Power Soft Creme 75ml

HK$690 HK$890
NEW! Revitalizing Supreme + Youth Power Soft Creme
Empower skin to reach its full potential. An ultra-lightweight creme developed for and tested on Asian women, delivers powerful lifting and sculpting benefits and minimizes the look of pores over time. Reduces the look of lines, wrinkles and now neck lines. Skin is stronger, radiant, deeply hydrated and glows with a new healthy-looking vitality. The results are noticeable:

- After two weeks, 90% of women said their apple cheeks looked fuller1
- After two weeks, 91% of women said their skin felt firmer1
- After three weeks lines and wrinkles, and neck lines were reduced2
- Overtime keys zones are lifted: jawline +13%, apple cheeks +15%, smile lines +11%3