Clé de Peau

Clé de Peau Wrinkle Smoothing Serum Supreme 20ml

HK$1,590 HK$2,050

The highly effective anti-wrinkle essence that has passed clinical efficacy certification can bring significant repairing effects. While greatly reducing wrinkles, it is more effective in blocking and preventing fine lines from regenerating.


Contains Brightening Complex EX, highly moisturizing and promoting cell regeneration. According to the "Skin Cell Tactile Theory"*, it can effectively prevent skin damage caused by pressure, and further release the skin's accumulated tension in the past.


Luxury repair effect

After 1 day of use, fine lines become smooth.

After 4 weeks of use, the depth and width of urban lines, fine lines and expression lines have been significantly improved. Even the most stubborn wrinkles are visibly smoothed, and the skin becomes more delicate and supple.

Continue to use, effectively repel wrinkles.


Cutting-edge scientific research technology and ingredients

Inspired by 4 cutting-edge scientific researches in medical cosmetology, Clé de Peau Beauté high-efficiency anti-wrinkle serum is specially designed for urban lines. The clinical efficacy certification can effectively repel deep wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, smooth skin, and reshape skin.

Contains a high concentration of vitamin A, which has a highly effective anti-wrinkle effect. Through a special stabilization process, this pure vitamin A maintains its stability and maintains the sealed state until the last drop in the bottle. In addition, the product is inspired by 4 cutting-edge scientific research techniques of medical aesthetics, which really complements its highly effective anti-stroke effect.