Clé de Peau

Clé de Peau SYNACTIF Daytime Moisturizer 20ml

HK$1,590 HK$2,050
Developed with skin's daytime rhythms in mind, the reformulated Daytime Moisturizer supports skin's self-beautifying system and deflects environmental aggressors such as UV rays and dry air.

New ingredient Purifying Beautifier helps to holistically improve skin texture and tone. Newly-added Centaurea Cyanus Flower Extract helps to enhance skin's renewal process* for a more youthful look. Additionally, a new, effective ingredient helps to reduce skin's dullness, revealing a brilliant clarity with a newfound vibrancy.

Replenishes skin with intense moisture in two texture options: a lightweight cream and a rich cream that delivers an infusion of moisture without any sticky or greasy after-feel.