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Jennifer Young Intense Skin Repairing Set

HK$770 HK$1,189

Intense Skin Repairing Set includes All-in one scalp treatment (50ml), Rejuvenating Body Balm (50ml) and Corrective Soothing Serum (5ml) , with a mini black pouch.



All-in one scalp treatment effectively reduces the symptoms of scalp allergy: pain, rashes, head sores, swelling and hot flushes, peeling etc.; wearing a wig can also make the scalp more sensitive or increase the risk of developing scalp acne.

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Rejuvenating Body Balm is a luxurious balm formulated with a natural and organic blend of 7 natural and organic ingredients, aiming to relieve the irritating conditions of moderate to highly sensitive skin.  It helps to smooth and comfort scars, relieving the surrounding itchy and sensitive skin, and restoring the softness of the skin.

Caution : This product contains plant essential oils, infants/pregnant women should use it with caution. Consult dermatologist about the dosage and usage method before use.

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Corrective Soothing Serum is a facial essence formulated for skin with allergy, it regulates any unbalanced, extremely sensitive and fragile areas of the skin effectively and safely.  Its anti-aging ingredients can effectively reduce skin problems such as fine lines and melanin precipitation, as well as balance the skin's pH value. It is light in texture, natural and organic with no artificial fragrance.  Also suitable for rejuvenating damaged skin after cancer treatment.

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Recommendation from Expert:

The composition of these products is very efficient without diluted and additives added. For best results, Dermatologists suggest an appropriate and a thin layer of application to allow a better absorption and adaptation. It is also recommended to follow the direction of the hair growth when applying to an area with thicker hair.


If you have any questions, please WhatsApp for inquiries/visit our company for consultation, or seek professional advice from your attending medical staff.


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