FANCL Good Choice 40'S Women Health Supplement 30 packets

HK$320 HK$348
Because of their slower metabolism, women in their 40s are facing declining stamina and aging signs of the skin, vision and blood vessels. Good Choice - Women 40+ supplements the essential daily nutrients that a woman in her 40s needs. Not only does it strengthen your body, increase your stamina, protect your eyes and bones, and keep blood flow healthy, it is also added with Soyasaponin, Milk Thistle and HTC Collagen, offering anti-aging and antioxidant properties.

Benefit :
Good Choice - Women 40+ offers more than 30 body-strengthening nutrients that every woman in their 40s needs, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that keep your blood fresh and clean. It also contains ingredients which help improve vision and nourish your skin, offering a comprehensive protection for your health.

Size :
30 packs (7 pieces per pack)
Ingredient : Active Ingredients (per pack): HTC Collagen (208mg), Vitamin E (72mg α-TE), Calcium (60mg), Vitamin C (100mg), Milk Thistle Extract 77mg (contains Silybin 23mg), Anthocyanthin (21.6mg), Magnesium (30mg), Conenzyme Q10 (30mg), Soyasaponin (16.7mg), Vitamin B6 (13.3mg), Inositol (17mg), Vitamin B1 (13.3mg), Panthothenic Acid (10mg), Vitamin B2 (9.7mg), Zinc (1mg), Niacin (4.8mg), Total Tocotrienol (1.5mg), γ-Tocopherol (50mg), Vitamin P (1.6mg), β-Carotene (318μg), Poly-γ-glutamic Acid (1mg), Lutein (0.5mg), Vine Tea Polyphenol (0.5mg), Fermented Soybean Complex (500μg), Long Pepper Complex (500μg), Vitamin A (459μg), Vegetal Lactic Acid Bacteria (0.5 billion), Biotin (167μg), Folic Acid (67μg), Vitamin B12 (50μg), Vitamin D3 (2μg)

How to Use :
1-2 packs daily, take after meals

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