FANCL Beauty Rise (30 Days) 180 capsules

HK$340 HK$488

Glycation is the combination of excess sugar and protein in the body, which turns brown, causing the skin to turn yellow and dark, and then lose its elasticity. Therefore, anti-sugar is the key to fighting aging and smooth and elastic skin.


FANCL pursues the top beauty supplements of anti-aging science. Its characteristic is "AG polyphenols", a beauty ingredient that combines pomegranate flower polyphenols and apple polyphenols, which fundamentally prevents skin aging and troubles on mature muscles such as spots, wrinkles, and sagging, prevents wrinkles, and cares for the skin.


Add hydroxytyrosol and L-cystine, effectively anti-glycation, anti-oxidation, brighten the skin, make the skin supple and elastic.


It is rich in HTC collagen that helps collagen synthesis, rose bud essence to enhance self-rejuvenating ability, and vitamin C ingredient for whitening effect.


Anti-oxidation and whitening all-in-one. From the inside to the outside, it becomes more beautiful, youthful, and transparent.


Main effect

●Improve self-rejuvenating ability and brighten skin

●Effectively improve wrinkles and loose skin, with anti-oxidation and anti-aging effects

●Enhance skin moisture, moisturize and shine

●Helps to promote collagen synthesis and reduce aging protein accumulation


Main ingredients: AG polyphenol extract, HTC collagen, rose bud extract, hydroxytyrosol, L-cystine, vitamin C


How to take: 6 capsules daily, take after meal

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