Byredo Mojave Ghost Eau De Parfum Spray 100ml

HK$1,679 HK$1,980
Byredo's Mojave ghost eau de parfum celebrates rare beauty. The Mojave Desert is a desert located across southeastern California, southern Nevada and northwestern Arizona in the United States and is known to be one of the most arid desert in the world, mainly for its Death Valley. The term Mojave, originally used by the Native American Tribe, means the land 'beside the water'. In this extremely difficult conditions exist a flower also called “the ghost flower” that can develop with almost no water and that cannot pollinate. It is a miracle flower, extremely rare and beautiful, a Mojave Ghost.

Byredo Mojave Ghost eau de parfum
Top: Ambrette, Jamaican Nesberry
Heart: Violet, Sandalwood, Magnolia
Base: Chantilly Musk, Crisp Amber, Cedarwood

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