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Corrective Soothing Serum 15ML



- Repairs and Balances Skin pH 

- Reduces Lines and Dark Circles

- Hydrates & Moisturises Dry Itchy Skin

- Soothes and Calms Inflamed Area on Face

- Suitable for Mildly to Moderately Sensitive Skin



Corrective Soothing Serum is a facial essence formulated for skin with allergy, it regulates any unbalanced, extremely sensitive and fragile areas of the skin effectively and safely.  Its anti-aging ingredients can effectively reduce skin problems such as fine lines and melanin precipitation, as well as balance the skin's pH value. It is light in texture, natural and organic with no artificial fragrance.  Also suitable for rejuvenating damaged skin after cancer treatment.

Targeted to Improve:

      1. Redness and Allergy

      2. Peeling and Tingling

      3. Itching

      4. Scars Repairin

      5. Fine Lines, Melanin Precipitation

      6. Drug Allergy

      7. Eczema

      8. Urticaria

How to Use:

  1.  Use Toner first (it’s better if the face is completely moisturized)
  2.  Use 3 to 4 drops of this essential oil, gently and spread it evenly on the face, you can use it all over (or topically)
  3.  This product can be used as a face cream in dry and cold seasons; in hot and humid seasons, you can use a moisturizing gel after this essential oil to achieve a water-oil balance.



Prunus armeniaca (Apricot Kernel Oil), Oryza sativa (Rice Bran Oil), Prunus persica (Peach Kernel Oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) 

If you have any questions, please WhatsApp for inquiries/visit our company for consultation, or seek professional advice from your attending medical staff.

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