Jennifer Young

Lip Balm 4.5G



- Prolonged Hydrating Effect

- Moisturises Dry, Red, Swelling & Chapped Lips

- Calms Sensitive, Itchy, Sore Lips

- Reduces Inflammation on Lips



Lip Balm is specially formulated for damaged and sensitive lips. Blending 5 natural and organic ingredients, including pure sweet almond oil, highly hydrating beeswax, nourishing cocoa butter etc. and without any artificial fragrance, it helps to repair, moisturise and heal dry, sore, chapped lips and restore softness. Studies showed an improvement in lips health when cancer patients apply this Lip Balm twice a day after starting chemotherapy.


Target to improve : 

    1. Dry Lip

    2. Sore Lip

    3. Lip Burst

    4. Inflammed Lip


How to use : 

Apply 4 - 6 times each day. 



Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Cera Flava (Beeswax), Theobroma cacao (Cocoa Butter), Calendula officinalis (Calendula Oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


If you have any questions, please WhatsApp for inquiries/visit our company for consultation, or seek professional advice from your attending medical staff.

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