Founded in 2020, That Feel Great is an online ecommerce platform under Wideal International Trade Limited. As an advocate of  healthy life,  That Feel Great adheres to the sincere, pragmatic and rigorous attitude, searching for the world's rare, authoritative, efficient and excellent health products, to improve the life quality for guests. Meanwhile, we are also committed to the practice of people-oriented service, helping our guests to achieve the bright further!


That Feel Great sharing the simple and natural premium brands, which combine the wisdom heritage and modern formula of science and technology, add the healing power of nature, for guests find the body-mind balance inside-out, arouse your confidence to embrace the true self!



Our service principle

Product transparency: we list all product ingredients for our customers to  clearly understand their needs and choose the right products.  There are no hidden ingredients contained beyond what the brands have stated on the package.

Taking product quality as priority: to ensure safety, freshness and functions of the products, we follow our restricted gatekeeping rules to make sure customers enjoy the whole process of purchasing and using.

Focusing on Asian needs: we give priority to Asian skin needs and provide appropriate skin improvement solutions for wide range of skin types.

Arouse your awareness: we hope to share more skin care philosophy with customers, through our blogs to keep you updated with the tips of lifestyle and beauty trends. With these you'll find what you really need.